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Publication Fees,Refund & Cancellation policy

IJCTA journal charge fees for online publication and fees details are available in call for paper page.Kindly go to the section and check the fee charges

  1. You can pay the fees via online banking NEFT transfer,Direct pay to our account (details will be sent along with the acceptance letter),paypal where link available in websites and through CC avenue gateway also.
  2. Technopark journals will not refund unless until the paper not published,once paper gets publishesd no refund will be provided.
  3. If plagiarism found on paper,then technopark have full rights to cancel the paper and remove from the datatbase.no refund will be given if paper removed due to plagiarism.

    Delivery & Shipping policy

    IJCTA publishes is an electronic version. There is no print issues of journals. Delivery of research articles only through online from our journal website. Authors who have submitted their Research / Review articles can retrive their respective manuscript via our website if the manuscript is accepted by our reviewers.

    Certificates and reprint copy

    We provide hardcopy certificates and reprint copy of your paper to the addtional charges of Rs.750 which comes individual certificates and 1 reprint copy of your manuscript.It will send once your paper gets published online.

Terms & Conditions

One of the functions offered to registered Users of the IJCTA website enables them to compile their own Custom journal. These can consist of magazine articles,research papers,conference papers,etc whole chapters and/or databank files selected by the reviewers and published on the the site .The end product can then be presented under a new title and cover, and the User is also free to add his own chapter headings. The new work then becomes available in both electronic form and print form. 
The paper selected by the reveiwers, plus his own input, will appear under the journal name.

Use of this service will be, at a minimum, subject to the terms and conditions set out in this document and will also include the General Terms and Conditions and General Licensing Conditions

  • The User must issue a guarantee confirming that the titles of the book and its individual chapters, and also the cover design, do not infringe any copyrights, performing rights, trademarks, rights of privacy or any other third-party rights, that the new components have no connection with or contain pornographic, immoral or extremist political content and that the (moral) rights and reputations of the authors of the selected extracts will be duly observed.

  • The User must also guarantee that the cover and the titles chosen by him reflect the Custom journal content.

  • Authors using this service by selecting and extracting content (e.g. texts and images) which are protected by copyright or other rights, grant technopark the non-exclusive right and moreover, without any territorial restriction for the duration of the copyright permitting technopark to use the Custom journal paper content for the purpose of providing relevant services to the necessary extent for all editions and printings.

  • The User also bears sole and exclusive responsibility for the content of the image files used for the cover. By sending the cover to IJCTA or uploading it to the technopark journal websites, he/she guarantees that the content of the image files thus transmitted does also not violate any criminal law (in particular pornography) or any other acts.

  • IJCTA expressly prohibits the use of material containing viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other forms of toxic codes, and also of any other material constituting a risk for its homepage or services. Technopark also prohibits the use of material inciting others to commit illegal acts and/or material which is morally harmful to minors, including links to content of the foregoing types.

  • IJCTA is entitled, but not obliged, to audit the legality of Custom journal. Should such audit reveal that individual or total content violates either existing law or these regulations, IJCTA shall be entitled to cancel the order without further notice. In cases where content of a criminal nature is found, IJCTA reserves the right to report the offense to the authorities responsible for enforcement of criminal law.

  • The User shall bear sole and exclusive responsibility for all violations of law arising from the Custom Book & journals and the liability for loss or damage resulting from any such violations.

  • Technical problems: IJCTA is not responsible for technical problems (e.g. line disruptions, power cuts and other problems in the Internet and telecommunications infrastructures) or for other circumstances (e.g. war, strike, floods, restrictions imposed by the state) beyond IJCTA control. Nor does it accept any liability whatsoever in cases where the service becomes temporarily unavailable or is discontinued completely. In the event of content defects attributable to the licensee (e.g. printing or text errors or errors of meaning occurring during transmission of copy), the licensee shall indemnify IJCTA against all warranty and compensation claims filed against technopark by third parties.

  • IJCTA also recognizes no liability for loss or damage to material input or uploaded by the User, which is attributable to technical circumstances. The User is solely responsible for the backup of information or images transmitted to technopark. 

  • IJCTA bears no responsibility for the quality of the Custom Book.

  • IJCTA reserves the right to withdraw the offer in whole or in part and also to delete the customer’s data and material, in particular in the following cases:
  • If the User infringes our General Rules or our General Terms and Conditions andn Licensing Conditions.

  • If the customer infringes third-party rights.

  • If the customer fails to accept our offer within 1 month of date of issue.

  • If IJCTA discontinues the service 

  • IJCTA is entitled to amend these conditions from time to time, e.g. in order to comply with legal or regulatory requirements or following functional changes in our services.

  • In the event of conflict between these conditions for use and supplementary conditions for use or other conditions applying to specific offers, the supplementary conditions or the other conditions shall take priority.

  • Our General Terms and Conditions and General Licensing Conditions apply.



























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