IJCTA-Volume 8 Issue 6 / November-December 2017
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Improve the efficiency of Detection Technique of different types of attack In VANET:A review paper
-Ajay Wadekar,Dr.Kamlesh Namdev
Vehicular ad hoc network (VANET) has attracted the attention of many researchers in recent years. It enables value-added services such as road safety and managing traffic on the road. Security issues are the challenging problems in this network. Sybil attack is one of the serious security threats that attacker tries to forge some identities. One of the main purposes for creating invalid identities is disruption in voting based systems. In this paper we propose a secure protocol for solving two conflicting goals privacy and Sybil attack in vehicle to vehicle (V2V) communications in VANET. The proposed protocol is based on the Boneh-Shacham (BS) short group signature scheme and batch verification. Experimental results demonstrate efficiency and applicability of the proposed protocol for providing the requirements of privacy and Sybil attack detection in V2V communications in VANET
A Study and Comparison of Wireless Routing Protocols Performance Parameters
M.Nagaraju,Dr.K.Raghava Rao,Dr.K.Vijayalakshmi
MANET, which acts like a intellect configured framework collection of portable devices. All the nodes in the framework are equal and isolated. We focus on taxonomy of wireless protocols; we categorized the wireless protocols are Proactive, Reactive and hybrid depends on casting they are hierarchical, geographic and flat. The protocols are designed with certain mobility scenario to achieve effective and optimized routing. The paper we have studied designed scenario with different segmentations on wireless network protocols we are mainly consider analysis measures such as Throughput, Packet delivery, delay and latency.
Keywords: - MANET, Routing Protocols, Performance evaluation
Need of Advance Clipboard Manager
Sarang B. Kimmatkar
Clipboard is a temporary storage or buffer which is used by an Operating System for storing temporary data. Clipboard is also defined as a software facility used for short-term data storage and/or data transfer between documents or applications, via copy and paste operations. It is most commonly a part of a graphical user interface (GUI) environment and is usually implemented as an anonymous, temporary data buffer, sometimes called the paste buffer, that can be accessed from most or all programs within the environment via defined programming interfaces. Any operating system has its own clipboard. The functionality provided by operating system, considering clipboard, are very limited for users. If the system is to be used for operation requiring fast use, say faster development of programs and structures, then the ordinary clipboard will not provide this supportive environment. Hence there is need of some software mechanism, called as clipboard manager, which will increase functionalities of clipboard so that ordinary clipboard can be used for satisfying needs of the faster working environment.
Keywords—Clipboard; Clipboard Manager; Buffer of sytem; Cliped data; Paste buffer;
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